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‘The Return Of The Beat’ …. is now on Bandcamp and soon everywhere!

‘The Return Of The Beat’ by World Audio Fidelity is now on Bandcamp. Very soon available  on all major music platforms. spotify, applemusic, beatport, amazon, etc …


Notes by the artist.

Inspired by the ‘New Beat’ and the EBM genres I analysed these eighties club styles in depth. My aim was not to reproduce these genres in a banal way but to make it recognisable by using certain ingredients that are referring directly to the styles back then. I also found it very important not only to adapt the style by using a lot of clichés without bringing them to a next level. A very low kick, a huge snare and some distinguished acid ingredients attracting attention. ‘The Return Of The Beat ‘… is the positive correlation between New Beat & EBM … is now!

‘Fobo #1 On Analogue Waves’ is out now

‘Fobo #1 – On Analogue Waves’ out now on Bandcamp. very soon on all other music platforms, itunes, spotify, beatport etc ..

Stream or download Valleyman’s first album ‘Hertzhague’ on Bandcamp


Valleyman’s latest album ‘The Maker Needs Your Attention’ on Bandcamp

Stream or download Valleyman’s latest album on bandcamp. https://zonrecords2.bandcamp.com/album/the-maker-needs-your-attention